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Foxrun offers the only comprehensive cybersecurity protection for USB Ports utilizing Hardware AND Software

Consultants often advise disabling USP Ports — Don’t do it — Here’s why:

  • Disabling doesn’t mean safe.  Disabling may only remove power and thus may not prevent devices from communicating when powered from an alternate source (not the host)
  • Disabling ports can prevent security updates/patches (specialty/IoT/industrial equipment)
  • Reenabling ports often requires local machine access and cannot be performed remotely
  • All ports cannot be disabled.  Connections for keyboards, mice, and other common peripherals can just be removed and used to infect systems and/or steal sensitive data
  • Disabling ports prevents users from leveraging the elegant simplicity of plug and play (PnP) USB devices

Other advisers offer software only protection — That’s not enough — Here’s why:

  • Run at the operating system (OS) level, and are highly vulnerable to hardware/firmware based threats
  • Unable to protect many embedded and other devices running firmware, real-time operating systems (RTOS), and/or uncommon/proprietary operating systems (e.g., Industrial Automation equipment, IoT devices, etc.)
  • Use hardware/firmware identifiers for whitelisting, which are easily cloned and/or are configurable
    **Example: The enumeration/descriptor data from a whitelisted PnP USB device can be cloned using a microcontroller or embedded development board (e.g. Arduino). Then malicious embedded code can spoof the original device and carry out attacks after insertion into a “protected” host machine.

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