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  • Whitethorn® Shield leverages AI driven automated technology to discover, detect, protect, and manage threats to your Internet Domains and Web Sites protecting your Digital footprint against Service outages and Security breaches.

  • Our actionable intelligence better equips your organisation to make proactive, informed Operational Security decisions to proactively manage discovered Threats – before they become major Incidents.

  • Whitethorn Shield® provides daily Domain Governance and Web Site Assurance with actionable intelligence reporting and proactive management of identified Threats.

  • Whitethorn® Shield combines Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Assurance with technical Security Posture assessment through automated 24×7 monitoring and analysis of Internet Domains and Web Sites.

  • Whitethorn® Shield provides actionable intelligence, Security posture Risk ratings, Industry peer benchmarking and augments Security Operations Centre (SOC) operational processes to reduce complexity and cost in the management of organisational Internet Domain and Web site Security.